Wardrobe Updates for 2018

There are many things to reflect upon when approaching a new year. Whether it be good or bad, there is just no way of escaping the pressure of thinking about what you'd like to improve in your  life for the year ahead. 

Going back to my first blog post about your relationship with personal style, a quick wardrobe refresh and style update may be the perfect (and painless) thing you need to get started on making 2018 the best year yet (so cliché, I know). Respect how you look each and every day because you deserve it, and remember that how you portray yourself is the message you're sending to the world. So, what do you want to say?

Here are four wardrobe swaps that I dare you to make for the new year ahead in order to get started on creating a wardrobe you enjoy:

In:  pops of color

Out:  all black everything

What is it with black in the winter? As if winter isn't depressing enough, I have to go outside and see a sea of people in black puffers. I have a white, down jacket that really stands out and I love it! Try incorporating some color into your outerwear. Most people navigate to black because it goes with everything, but you'd be surprised at how color matches majority of your wardrobe and can enhance your overall look. If color is too much for you, try wearing gray or beige instead. 


In:  dramatically textured knits

Out: boring sweaters

Have fun with your knits! Anyone can go buy a basic crew neck sweater from J.Crew, but why stop there?  A great sweater can create a polished and cozy look for the winter. Opt for unique textures, such as thick cable knits, or unexpected stitching like in the mens sweater below. Buying a basic color sweater with unique texture or detail will also most likely have a longer shelf life in your closet since you won't tire of it as quickly as printed options such as stripes and fair isle styles. 


In:  fun denim

Out: leggings with everything

Sorry, guys, this one is for the ladies. I can admit that I am guilty of trying to wear everything with my two pairs of black leggings once winter hits. I even buy things with the intention of it covering my butt so I can wear it with leggings and boots. Let's expand our horizons together, shall we? Over the past few seasons, there has been a lot of play with denim- embellishments, distressing, raw hems, cropped silhouettes, and more. Let's try some out! Pair them with a great sweater (as mentioned above) and some cute booties and ta-da! We have a chic winter look.   



In: sharp blazer

Out: bomber jackets

I'm not saying bomber jackets are out of style here, but depending on the look you are going for a well tailored blazer or sports coat can really upgrade your look. Most people associate a blazer with work wear, however, it's one of the most versatile and chic pieces you can own. You can dress it up or down, but no matter how you style it, it will always add polish and sophistication to your outfit. There are also endless variations in the types of colors, prints, silhouettes, button details, and fabrications available so you can choose whichever style fits you best. Don't be afraid to invest in this piece either since it's a definite wardrobe staple you'll have forever. 

No matter what you decide to wear in 2018, I hope that you accomplish all that you set out to do. Each year is truly a roller coaster ride bringing highs and lows of all sorts, but it's what you take from those experiences that matters. Here's to growth and positivity in the new year.