2018 Holiday Gift Ideas

I'll admit it. I hate buying presents for other people. It's the process that I don't like- trying to figure out what they like balanced with what they need and want at the same time. However, the act of giving around the holidays is what makes the season so special and watching someone open a present you selected for them with huge smile is one of those moments that makes it all worth it. 

With the overwhelming amount of gift guides circulating out there, I thought I'd advise on a few things I think would make a great gift option for someone special in your life to hopefully help ease the struggle of figuring it all out yourself. 


Rodan + Fields

The lash boost product is one of the best stocking stuffer ideas! Lash boost has been one of the hottest products in the beauty/skincare industry this past year, but most women are hesitant to purchase it themselves because of the price (one eyelash extension cost at least $80 so the price is actually great). With raving reviews from publications and everyone that uses it, you can't go wrong with this one if she is into beauty and skincare.

contact me to buy with 10% off and free shipping!

contact me to buy with 10% off and free shipping!

Great Shoes or Handbag

Women love receiving a designer pair of shoes or a luxe handbag as a gift. Adding another item to their collection is exciting and it makes it even more special receiving it from someone they love. There are so many options out there depending on your budget and her personal style, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding the perfect one that doesn't break the bank and makes her happy. If you're totally clueless on what to get her, plan a cute shopping afternoon where she can choose her own gift and end the day at a great place for lunch or dinner. 


Spa Day 

Going to the spa is a treat. Most women rarely find the time or want to spend the money on treating themselves to a couple hours at a beautiful spa. Giving the gift of relaxation is a no brainer. 


Beautycounter Gift Set

These body sets make really great gifts, especially if you experience winter climates. Not only do they provide her the products to create her own private spa day, but they are free from all harmful chemicals and ingredients and only use elements that are certified organic, natural, or naturally derived along with the safer synthetic ingredients too. 

Personalized Goodies

I loved personalized gifts only because growing up I could never find anything with "Gianna" on it. Personalization also shows you put some extra thought into the gift. Try to keep an eye open to see if she needs a new make up bag, clutch for the weekends, phone case, etc. and then find a cute company, like Monpurse, who makes stylish items you can personalize for her. 




Alcohol Subscription Box 

If your man appreciate quality cocktails and enjoys mixing it up at home, then this makes a great gift idea. He will receive a box of goodies (depending on what type of subscription best fits his interests) each month over a 6-12 month timeframe which will allow him to play mixologist as well as receive a few more presents even after the holidays are over. 


Shaving Kit

Men rarely treat themselves to quality skincare products that can actually have an impact on their lives. Introduce him to a nice shaving kit that can help improve his skin and make shaving less of a chore. 

contact me to buy with 10% off and free shipping!

contact me to buy with 10% off and free shipping!

Apple AirPods 

If he hasn't already purchased the new AirPods, then these will make a great stocking stuffer. I love mine and most people that transition will never go back to being wired. 


Quality Winter Accessories 

Similar to the quality shaving essentials, most men don't pay attention to quality accessories especially when it comes to wintertime. Treat him to a nice cashmere hat, gloves and scarf set to keep him warm through the holidays and winter season ahead. 



Men tend to appreciate experiences over things. If he is a sports fan then buying him tickets to see his favorite team play is easy. But if he doesn't really enjoy sports, then think outside of the box to come up with another idea like concert tickets or research an event you feel would be fun to do together- wine tasting, cooking class, brewery tour, etc . If you want to go big, plan a surprise weekend getaway! 


I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your friends and family! Remember that the season is about much more than presents. Take the time to live in the moment, reflect on the past year and give thanks for what's to come.