Mens Top Styling Tips

“A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”
– Oscar Wilde

Men, don't be afraid to have great style or to make it a priority in your life. There are so many ways you can upgrade your go-to flannel shirt and jeans look. While you don't have as many options as women, there are a lot of ways you can enhance your everyday look and my favorite way is through the art of layering. 

Pants aside, let's focus on a few easy ways you can style your tops, add some cool shoes and call it a day. Below are three of the most important elements you should have in your closet when it comes to layering for the fall. Feel free to layer one piece or layer them all. A jacket looks great over a cardigan, a cardigan looks great under a vest, a vest looks great under a jacket, and the formulas go on.  Feel free to layer which ever way suits your personal style and is appropriate for the current weather. 


While this may seem obvious, I don't think many men realize how a jacket can impact their outfit. With options ranging beyond the average sport coat, you're able to mix and match different jackets with different shirts to help create a versatile wardrobe. Try opting for styles you haven't tried before and see if you like them. Play around with wearing a jacket over a button down versus a t-shirt and figure out which combinations you prefer. As you can see from the examples below, a cool jacket can even make a white t-shirt with jeans look good. 


Sweater weather is upon us and cardigans are one of my favorite items for men. They come in so many different varieties- light weight or heavy knit, button down or open front, shawl collar or collarless- and also prove to be a great alternative to a jacket. See below on how you can layer over items ranging from a white t-shirt to a suit for those days you prefer something a bit more cozy and comfortable. 


Vests are a great way to add some warmth without the bulk and you can pretty much layer it over anything including a sports coat, suit, and sweaters. They are also great to layer under lighter jackets if you need the additional warmth, but would rather not make it the main attraction. Vests are a great way to transition lighter, fall jackets into the winter and always add a bit of an unexpected twist to an outfit which makes them cool and effortless.

Interested in learning more about simple ways to upgrade your personal style or how to layer up for fall? I'm always here to chat! Contact me at with any questions.