Why Telling Yourself You Can't Pull It Off Is a Lie

Forewarning: content includes stylist rant

While everyone else is talking about spring trends, festival looks (please make it stop), and “new season new you” messaging, I decided to take a different approach and ask that you stop telling me and yourself that you can’t pull something off. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been complimented on something I wear only then to be followed with, “but you can pull that off, I can’t.” You know what the only difference between me and that person is? I actually just liked it, tried it, and put in on. Yes, it’s that easy to pull something off.  With this being said,  I understand that people may not always know how to incorporate things into their wardrobe which is why I'm able to be a personal stylist in the first place, but that's a whole other topic.

I love my clients. Part of the reason I’m so happy doing what I do is because I’m a social person and the more time I spend with someone, especially in the intimate area of their personal style, the more I get attached and understand their emotions when it comes to how their wardrobe impacts their everyday life. I observe their current state, try to empathize with what’s holding them back from looking and feeling their best, and then coach them through breaking out. My face to face services are the most productive in doing this because I physically get to force them in trying something out of their comfort zone. And, when they try something new and realize that they actually love it, it significantly boosts their confidence and attitude because they have a sense of accomplishing something they really didn’t think would work for them.

Where am I going with this? Pull it off! If you like something, try it before you convince yourself it isn’t for you. For the record, this doesn’t mean trying to wear a crop top you saw on a 23-year-old if you’re 52 (unless you’re Elizabeth Hurley). Fashion should be fun, not boring. Specific looks don’t belong to specific people. Get inspired by what you see and apply it to your personal style. Yes, it may feel strange at first like getting a new haircut, but you'll get over the awkwardness as the new look starts to settle in. Also, remember this is about trying something you like, but are not yet comfortable with, not trying to force things you don't like into your wardrobe. There is a difference, but the prior is as easy as just putting it on and heading out the door.