First Steps to Achieving a Complete Wardrobe

One of the main things I notice in every single client’s closet I’ve worked in is that is skews towards a general theme. One may have too many prints while another has nothing but basics and so on. I once had a client say, “I really want to maximize my wardrobe”, and it made me realize that majority of people have trouble with their closets and figuring out what to wear each day because they lack a well-rounded wardrobe that enables them to create versatility and the ability to mix and match items to create multiple looks. 

Here are a few things to consider in order to take the first steps in achieving a wardrobe that works for you:

Layering Pieces

Quality layering pieces are a major factor in being able to wear things so many different ways. Think about how many types of tank tops or t-shirts you can throw a good blazer over to create different looks (this applies to men as well). For example, an outfit exudes a different vibe if you throw a blazer over a lace camisole and pair it with a skirt versus wearing it over your favorite graphic t-shirt and jeans. For men, think about how a look changes when you throw a sports coat over a white v-neck versus a crisp button down. When you take inventory of your closet’s layering pieces consider your basics such as camisoles, blouses/button downs, t-shirts, and then the things you can pair them with such as vests, jackets (bombers, blazers), dusters, cardigans, etc. I would even put your more basic dresses in the layering category too since they could easily pair with any of the items mentioned. You can even take it further and assess your accessories such as your scarves. Consider what categories you feel like you’re lacking quality items. Do you have five jackets, but only two great camisoles to layer them over? Do you have a ton of blouses that you feel like you have nothing to wear with so you’re stuck wearing them the same way each time?


I live for prints and admit that I have too many in my closet, however, over the years I’ve noticed that printed pieces exhaust way quicker than my basics.  Prints can work well if you have the basics to balance them out. Make sure you’re covering your bases with the neutrals first before you fill your closet with printed items that can only go so far.  Having too many prints that you’ve worn a lot of times can also result in the “nothing to wear” feeling when you’re standing in your closet just sick of all your options. Consider how many items you have that you can only really wear with one or two other items in your wardrobe, or have to wear the same way each time?  You want to try to minimize the amount of these pieces. 


Having good neutral shoes in all the categories- flats, heels, wedges, sandals- is mandatory.  I even consider metallics, such as silver and gold, neutral because they go with almost everything. Make sure that you have a black shoe and nude shoe for every type of outfit whether it be dressing up for dinner or just running errands on the weekend. Having different types of neutral shoes not only allows you to be prepared to wear anything you own, but also enables you to create different looks by maybe trying out a black heel with an outfit that you would typically wear a black flat with and so on.   I had my nude wedges break last year and couldn’t find another pair I loved so spent half the summer forgoing some cute outfits because I didn’t have shoes to wear with them for the particular occassions. So sad, I know. 

A complete wardrobe really comes down to quality over quantity and once you’ve incorporated items that allow you to diversity your closet, instead of buying too many trends on sale or filling it up with things that are one and done, you’ll find getting dressed is much easier every day and will have a great wardrobe base to build upon.