Five Fall 2018 Trends to Mix Into Your Closet

I'm sure you are seeing fall trend reports pop up everywhere lately, but here is my take on what trends are easiest to apply to your current wardrobe. And, hey, if you happen to hate them all, no need to incorporate them. I don't believe in following trends unless they absolutely fit you or are something you want to give a try. 

Animal Prints

I mean how is leopard not a neutral yet? It's like saying florals are new for spring, but get ready to see animal mania this fall that will include other prints like snakeskin and zebra. Two ways to wear it include outerwear and accessories. A great animal print jacket is fierce and makes any outfit extra special, however, if that's a bit out of your comfort zone, try the print in an accessory like a handbag, shoe, or scarf that will be more understated but still give you some extra pizazz.

I have a ton of leopard already, so I'm excited to find the perfect snakeskin pencil skirt, handbag, or bootie for my closet this fall. 


Check, please!  The classic, menswear inspired print is back in full force. While it's expected to make a strong presence in the assumed pieces such as blazers and topcoats, you can expect brands to apply the print to more feminine silhouettes like dresses, skirts, and blouses. Similar to the animal print, you have options when it comes to incorporating a lot or a little into your wardrobe and there are varieties of plaid to consider - tartan, houndstooth, classic - all ranging in different colors and scales. This fall, you can keep it simple with a great plaid topcoat to give your outfit some pattern play, or go all out in a head to toe checked look.  When in doubt, a thick plaid scarf always does the trick.

I personally am drawn to plaid skirts in particular. Maybe it roots from growing up in private school (you would think that would have the opposite effect, I know), but paired with a quality knit turtleneck and good boots, you can't go wrong.

80's, Baby

Get yo shine on!! No, but literally. We saw a lot of metallics last fall season and they are here to stay, but under a larger trend umbrella of 80's glam. That's right, 80's are back. Aside from lots of shine and glitz, you can expect a shift from the softer color palettes we've seen over the past few seasons into more bolder and brighter hues like barney purple, royal blues, red oranges and fuchsia. Large statement jewelry will also be making a comeback versus the thin, delicate designs and, most importantly, get ready for some big shoulders and oversized suiting! Statement sleeves have been holding strong over the past couple of years, but you'll notice more focus on the shoulders whether it's additional padding or puff sleeve designs. To give this trend a try, incorporate a bolder color into your fall color scheme through an accessory or basic top, or go all out in a purple sequined mini dress paired with some great slouch boots. 

I actually have a pair of slouch boots that fit into this trend that I'm excited to wear more. I'm also not opposed to a good sequin piece when the sun is still up ;)


Yeee haw! Prairie florals, western inspired boots, fringe, leather, denim, and thick knits create this fall trend that exudes a vintage, yet contemporary vibe. Unlike the 80's trend, you can expect more muted hues in the typical fall colors. For some reason, the movie "Far and Away" pops into my mind when discussing this one. Nicole Kidman's tops in that movie are the perfect example of the western inspired romantic blouses you'll be seeing in stores (and yes, more puff sleeves). An easy way to implement some western feels into your current wardrobe is to start with a fabrication whether it's a leather skirt, denim button down, or suede booties. Just adding a western belt is an easy way as well. If you're ready to ride a horse all the way off the runway, then find yourself a little prairie dress, layer it under a fringe leather jacket with some cowboy boots and don't forget your hat on your way out.

I really like western inspired boots and the small details in western inspired clothing like embellished buttons, sporadically placed lace, and textures. I'm looking forward to finding pieces more on the subtle side of this trend. 

City Slicker

Have you seen the belt bags and dad shoes taking over Instagram? Well, those can fall into this trend. The whole idea is to be comfortable, cool, and have a functional nature. You'll notice jackets with extra pockets and drawstrings, shoes with thicker soles (dad shoes and combat boots), and hassle free handbags (hi, belt bag). This trend is really a blend of streetwear and athleisure, but in a much more exaggerated way. To incorporate this trend, try swapping out your classic fall trench coat for a light puffer jacket, or go all out with a belt bag around your logo t-shirt and combat boots to the ground.

So, I haven't gotten into this trend although I appreciate all the functional aspects of it. If anything, I might opt for a light puffer this fall to switch up the usual top coat and leather styles I lean toward. 

I think fall is going to be fun. While this doesn't cover all the trends being discussed in the industry right now, I think it gives a pretty good overview of what you can expect from retailers this fall. And, like I mentioned earlier, stick to what works for you and only you x0x