Insight From a Stylish Mother of Two

I love fashion. From a young age, I had lofty goals of being a part of the fashion world in New York City. First, I would attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. Second, I would be swept off of my feet by a poorer and less charming version of “Big”. Third, I would be a fashion writer for Women’s Wear Daily, attending all of the sought after runway shows. Well, I achieved my first goal. Achieving one out of three is something that is not too much of a failure, I try and convince myself daily.

I traded in all of my fashion dreams to be a stay at home mom of a two year old daughter, who scares me, and a four year old son who has a better sense of direction than me. But, is motherhood an incredible and fulfilling journey that I would never trade in for anything else? Of course. Do I also sometimes curse my four-eyed son and dictator daughter for killing any chance of my big apple dream? Of course.

Now, the height of my fashion excitement is when my online shipment of dresses arrive and I have to convince my husband that the ball gown and metallic Tina Turner-esque dress are needs, not wants. Then I try everything on in front of my kids. My son once told me that I forgot to put pants on and my daughter yells “cute, cute” to everything I try on. I cannot trust the judgment of someone who lies when asked if she has poohed herself.

But in all seriousness, I am now pushing 40 with two high energy kids. Sometimes a simple shower is what gets me through the day. But no matter how many nursery rhymes I am forced to sing, fashion remains crucial to my sense of well-being. 

Fashion to me is not about excess or being vapid or superficial. To me, fashion is an outlet to being creative and having fun with something that is not related to potty training or action figures. It is my escape that I enjoy. Also, it makes me feel good. And simply put, I enjoy looking nice. When I look nice and I feel good, I am a happier person, which makes me a better mom.

I encourage all mama’s of any age and stage to embrace their style, no matter what it is. Motherhood can be synonymous with losing your identity. In between tantrums and ring-a-round the rosie, it can be so easy to lose focus on your own needs. However, I have found that the happiest mama’s are the ones that allow time for self-care. It is not selfish to take time for yourself. In fact, it is the opposite. Making sure I am happy, ensures that my family is happy. 

Motherhood has exhausting moments of stress and anxiety. We have constant demands for our attention by midget people who do not even know where their nose is. However, that does not mean we need to succumb to stained clothes and perpetual mom bun. If anyone deserves to feel good and look good it is us mama’s! Moreso, than deserve it, we need it. 

All my kids need is unconditional love. All I need are Louboutins and free shipping.