Three Things I’m Mixing Up In My Wardrobe

I think the question, “what’s your personal style?” is actually pretty tough to answer. Needless to say, I have to ask it. While I can’t even narrow mine down to an easy sentence due to the fact my outfits vary day to day based on what I feel like, what I do know is that there are things in my life I’ve simply outgrown and are transitioning out of my wardrobe now. Here are three areas of my personal style that are changing this year.

Low Waisted Pants

With the high waisted trend around for a few years now, it makes you wonder how you ever wore low waisted pants for so long! 85% of my denim are still low waisted and I find myself only gravitating toward my few high waisted pairs every time I’m either packing for a trip or having a denim day. You know what that tells me? Time to clean house. Get rid of the things you are no longer excited to wear, or that simply aren’t comfortable to you anymore. I work with women with all body types and will have to say that high waisted silhouettes are the most flattering when it comes to balancing their proportions and pairing with other pieces in their wardrobes to create great outfits.

Uncomfortable Shoes

Speaking of comfortable, I don’t have the patience for uncomfortable shoes anymore. It’s just not worth it. I’ve worn too many shoes that have torn up my achilles to the point I considered walking barefoot in the streets of NYC, and shoes too high where I didn’t even want to get up and use the bathroom at restaurants because I was afraid I’d topple over. Dumb, right? Needless to say, some of my favorite uncomfortable shoes were my most expensive so lesson learned. When you’re constantly thinking about what you’re wearing and it prohibits you from actually enjoying yourself, it’s just not meant to be. Move on. There are plenty of other cute (and comfortable) fish in the sea.

Poor Fabric

I’ll admit the fact I’m at the age where I want things to feel nice. Opting for higher quality fabrics is also a very easy way to elevate your wardrobe and are definitely worth spending a little more on, especially when it comes to staple items that you’ll wear for five years and more. Also, is there anything worse than buying a dress you got for a great price only to find it’s wrinkled mess if you sit down for five minutes? I don’t think so! Think about your athletic clothes as well. I’m so over buying workout pants based on price to discover they stretch out after one workout and just aren’t that flattering to begin with. Don’t be afraid to spend a bit extra on things that are probably worth the extra cost. It’ll save you money down the road when you have one great white blouse you can wear with a million different things versus having to buy five cheap ones to sustain your wardrobe. There are also great sites like Everlane that offer quality clothing and fabrications at very reasonable prices. It’s important to prioritize feeling good in what you wear, both physically and mentally.