What to Shop During Sale Season

If you haven’t noticed, the entire internet is on sale. So, where do you begin to shop without wasting too much money and filling your closet with things that don’t help your wardrobe work for you?

Below I’ve outlined 20 pieces that I not only focus on during sale season, but that I recommend you do too (scroll through). Things to consider when shopping end of season sales should be:

  • Can I wear this now, but transition it later?

  • Would I mind paying full price for this?

  • Is this a piece I want to try, but not necessarily invest in?

  • Can I wear this at least three different ways?

  • Do I have space for this?

  • Am I prioritizing my actual wardrobe needs over wants?

Need help navigating through all the sales and choosing the best items to help maximize your wardrobe? Let's talk about some effective virtual shopping options that help my clients add value to their closets while saving them time and money x0x